Nonviolent Communication™ Skills in Conflict Resolution

“We do not look for compromise; rather, we seek to resolve the conflict to everyone's complete satisfaction.”

- Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

By using Nonviolent Communication skills in conflict resolution, we can effectively help mediate, defuse, and even prevent conflicts at work, home, or in our communities. The peacemaking qualities of Nonviolent Communication skills in conflict resolution can also help foster a sense of community good-will and understanding in the face of large scale conflicts or confrontations over emotionally charged subjects like race, religion, culture, and political affiliation.

Many of us were taught that conflict of any sort is inherently violent. In reality however, nothing could be further from the truth! Conflict by itself can lead to seminal breakthroughs in consciousness, as well as mutual understanding and heartfelt empathy between people, groups, or even entire nations that were once bitter rivals. Conflict is only considered to be violent when it conforms to dominant-subordinate roles that perpetuate the existing and unbalanced larger power dynamic, which provides the conditions for every “individual” conflict within it to manifest.

Power imbalances breed the inability to define and implement a strategy to satisfy everyone’s deeper needs. A mutually satisfying strategy recognizes each party's needs as fundamental in outcomes that are effective in a sustainable way. With Nonviolent Communication skills for conflict resolution, you can help strengthen your relationship with your family, friends, coworkers, and even passers by on the street by fostering empathy and compassion for those with unresolved needs manifesting as “conflict mentality.”

Using Nonviolent Communication for Conflict Resolution

Learning how to use Nonviolent Communication for conflict resolution gives us the skills to clearly express to everyone we interact with exactly what we want. Being clear about our needs and feelings leads to meaningful interpersonal interactions and experiences while minimizing misunderstandings and miscommunications. By using Nonviolent Communication for conflict resolution in our daily lives, we can actively help defuse conflict at home, work, school or with a total stranger on the street. Some of its many benefits include:

  • Defusing emotionally charged situations before they spiral out of control
  • Initiating difficult conversations with vulnerability to foster trust and understanding
  • Improving efficiency in the workplace and cohesion among coworkers
  • Reducing damaging conflicts with and among those closest to you
  • Using empathy and compassion to prevent future conflicts from occurring

Would you like to learn more about how you can use Nonviolent Communication for conflict resolution? We invite you to read up on the many benefits of applying Nonviolent Communication for resolving conflicts.

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Marshall B Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Conflict Resolution Advice

Dr Marshall B. Rosenberg committed his life to taking the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) revolution global. He ceaselessly worked to help individuals of all religions, ethnicities, cultures, nationalities, backgrounds, and walks-of-life resolve their differences with empathy, compassion, and mutual understanding. This includes consulting with leaders worldwide as a visionary peacemaker. Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Conflict resolution advice is as powerful as it remains challenging:

“Every moment each human being is doing the best we know at that moment to meet our needs. We never do anything that is not in the service of a need, there is no conflict on our planet at the level of needs. We all have the same needs. The problem is in strategies for meeting the needs.”

- Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Learn more about how Marshall B. Rosenberg's vision and method is revolutionizing the field of conflict resolution.

PuddleDancer Press Conflict Resolution Books

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"NVC is one of the most useful processes you will ever learn.”

William Ury, Getting to Yes: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In

Living Nonviolent Communication in Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Living nonviolent communication in mediation and conflict resolution is totally achievable. To this end, so is living nonviolent communication in every other area of our daily lives too…. including:

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