Articles on Conflict Resolution

Couple in Conflict: Ending the “He Said/ She Said” Game (PDF)

By Ron Gibbs

Power struggles, miscommunication, judgment, blame – isn’t this the stuff relationships are made of? Not according to Nonviolent Communication (NVC).

Do You Want to Be Right or Have Meaningful Relationships? You Can’t Have Both! (PDF)

By Kelly Bryson, MA, MFT

Bryson uses humor to demonstrate the powerful impact of empathy in improving the quality of your intimate relationships.

Finding Compassion in Divorce (PDF)

By Susan Allan

This year 70% of all U.S marriages are expected to end in divorce. The Holmes Schedule of Stressful Events ranks divorce the second most stressful life experience, followed only after the death of a spouse. While some marriages end amicably, many end with partners feeling angry, resentful, or overwhelmed with emotional pain.

Foreword : Speak Peace in a World of Conflict (PDF)

By David Hart

As I sit down to write this foreword about the importance of Nonviolent Communication, the world is still reeling from the bombings on the London subway on July 11, 2005. We woke to learn that “it” had happened again. We saw the sites and sounds of violence and felt a deep personal connection to those who were suffering and whose loved ones are suffering still.

Got Conflict? 5 Paths That Lead to Genuine Cooperation in All Your Relationships

By Neill Gibson and Beth Banning

Have you ever noticed how many people in conflict end up playing the “I’m Right, You’re Wrong!” game? Why this is so common, especially in intimate relationships? If you ever play this blame game and you’d like stop, then it’s time to transform your right-wrong thinking.

Healing From the Blame That Binds (PDF)

By Kelly Bryson, MA, MFT

“Just as blame is a protective move based on fear and ignorance, compassion is a corrective countermove based on courage and understanding,” says Bryson in this in depth exploration of the destructive power of internal and external blame. Learn to transform blame and moralistic judgment into a reconnection to human needs.

How to Handle Angry People

By Neill Gibson and Beth Banning

Do you ever wish more people would take those anger management and anger control classes? Do you get tired of dealing with angry people, or end up being angry yourself when you do? You may be missing the upside of anger: how you can use their anger to help you to create the life you truly want. Keep reading and you’ll find the secrets for getting to the heart of anger and a simple process for staying peaceful in the eye of other people’s storms.

NVC Mediation: Creating Dynamic Connection (PDF)

By Jori and Jim Manske

Certified NVC trainers and longtime professional mediators, Jori and Jim Manske, discuss how they integrated the NVC process in their mediation practice. As the authors state, “The nascent paradigm shift that emerged in spite of our conscious incompetence with the NVC process included two deep and lasting insights that have revolutionized our mediation practice.”

Ten Things You Can Do Today to Transform Conflict in Your Life

Gary Baran

It can be challenging to live the values of NVC every day — after all, it’s often been equated to learning a whole new language. Each day, we’re all juggling multiple responsibilities, stresses and things to do — and sometimes the thought of also shifting away from our old communication habits can be an overwhelming task.

The Value of Taking a Step Back: Keys to Have a “Fight to the Life” Instead of “to the Death”

By Kelly Bryson, MA, MFT

Have you ever gotten a fishing line all tangled up? You got so frustrated you just started yanking on the different loops of line, which of course made the knots and tangles even tighter and more difficult to untangle. Wouldn’t it be great if you could notice the minute you were starting to tangle things up in a discussion with your loved one? To be able to stop and take a step back — a time out — before the frustrated yanking occurs?