Pathways to Nonviolent Communication

A Tool for Navigating Your Journey

By Jim Manske

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A Tool for Navigating Your Journey
In 2010, four certified trainers of Nonviolent Communication produced a new tool to help people successfully learn, strengthen, and integrate the skills and consciousness of NVC. They called this tool the Pathways to Liberation Self-Assessment Matrix. Since then, thousands of NVC practitioners have been using the Matrix to identify skills, clarify strengths, discover edges, and navigate their own personal journeys toward emotional liberation and a more just, peaceful, and loving world.Now you too can use the Matrix to set a course toward self-knowledge, skill, and success. This guidebook shows you how.Written by Jim Manske, CNVC trainer and one of the four originators of the Matrix, Pathways to Nonviolent Communication: A Tool for Navigating Your Journey offers clear and specific suggestions for using the Matrix to assess your progress and assist others in deepening the skills and consciousness of NVC. Whether you are a longtime practitioner of NVC or have only recently begun your journey, the tool and techniques presented in this book will make every path more dynamic, accessible, and fun.


Cover endorsements:

“A warm, workable path to the heart of interpersonal connection.”
—SARAH PEYTON, CNVC Certified Trainer and author of Your Resonant Self

“A systematic practice of inquiry to cultivate a consciousness of interdependence and shared power.”
—STEPHANIE BACHMAN-MATTEI, PHD, CNVC Certified Trainer and Assessor

“For me, Pathways to Nonviolent Communication introduces ways to understand and frame my learning, my journey, my awareness, and mindfulness.”

Interior endorsements:

“For any approach including Nonviolent Communication there are certain pitfalls to look out for. This book helps us stay clear of those and remember the purpose of communication: connection. Furthermore, this book acknowledges the growth and development that we as human beings take becoming gradually more aware of more perspectives to include in our interconnectedness with others.”
—LIV LARSSON, NVC trainer, mediator and author of A Helping Hand: Mediation With Nonviolent Communication and Anger, Guilt & Shame: Reclaiming Power and Choice

Pathways to Nonviolent Communication has contributed to filling up a big missing part in NVC by developing a systematic, versatile yet highly adjustable tool for learners and practitioners to do blame-free self-assessment alone and with others.”
—JOSEPH MAN-KIT CHO, PHD, Lecturer of Gender Studies Programme, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Pathways to Nonviolent Communication offers ways to journey into a self-exploration to mindfully cultivate a consciousness of interdependence and shared power.”
—DR. STEPHANIE BACHMANN MATTEI, CNVC Certified Trainer and Assessor

Pathway to Nonviolent Communication: A Tool for Navigating Your Journey provides a practical comprehensive tool that sheds light on the journey from unskilled/unaware through to integrated consciousness. It unpacks the granular details of twenty-eight core competencies of compassionate communication via four distinct levels of development. It is clear, concise, and accessible. I highly recommend this as a valuable resource to all who are inspired to truly connect to self and others.”
—SUSAN CARLTON, MED, Instructional Designer, Facilitator, NVC Practitioner, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“A gem for beginners and advanced practitioners alike! . . . There are practical examples of the usage of the Matrix in various scenarios, information around the different types of borders between levels of development . . . A comprehensive guide for anyone wanting to integrate NVC into their lives!”
—JULI GOROG, Certified Trainer, Hungary

“Whether you are new to Nonviolent Communication or a seasoned practitioner, this book is full of gems and insights to be harvested through your own lived experience.”
—AGA RZEWUSKA-PACA, CNVC Certified Trainer, Poland

“I’m delighted to recommend this book! I love the clarity of the examples, descriptions, and suggestions for using the Matrix with one’s self or others. The charts provide structure and order, while options and invitations give choice and flexibility.
“Reminders to be gentle with ourselves convey warmth, compassion, and care.
Pathways to Nonviolent Communication offers support not just for integrating the skills of Nonviolent Communication, but also for experiencing greater self-awareness, self-responsibility, growth, and freedom.”
—JEAN MCELHANEY, MA, MS; CNVC-certified Nonviolent Communication Trainer; Licensed (USA) professional counselor and clinical social worker; ordained interfaith/ interspiritual minister; certified Dances of Universal Peace leader, Torbay, Auckland, New Zealand

“Clarity, insight, and wisdom for enhancing your journey!”
—MARY MACKENZIE, CNVC Certified Trainer, author of Peaceful Living and cofounder of NVC Academy

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