Peaceful Living

Daily Meditations for Living with Love, Healing, and Compassion

By Mary Mackenzie

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Mindful words and practical tools for creating peace in everyday life.
Each of the 366 meditations in this gathering of wisdom is designed to move readers away from turmoil, strife, and divisiveness and lead them toward peace, resolution, and cooperation. This shift in consciousness is challenging, but with the words and ideas of this book, readers can assemble a collection of practical tools for peaceful living. The learned behaviors of cynicism, resentment, and getting even are replaced with the skills of Nonviolent Communication, including recognizing one’s needs and values and making choices in alignment with them. Peaceful Living goes beyond daily affirmations, providing the skills and consciousness you need to transform relationships, heal pain, and discover the life-enriching meaning behind even the most trying situations. Begin each day centered and connected to yourself and your values. Direct the course of your life toward your deepest hopes and needs. Ground yourself in the power of compassionate, conscious living.


Online Reviews:

“I bought Peaceful Living . . . and I read the daily meditation every morning. I find that it provides me with a centering connection for all the many disparate pieces of my life.”
— Online reviewer

“Each daily meditation is in simple language and very applicable to daily life. Sometimes we often get so absorbed by process that we forget to sit back, and enjoy the simple things that help bring Peaceful Living in so our lives can be enriched.”
—Online reviewer

“This book changed my life. The daily reading of someone demonstrating the principles behind Nonviolent Communication improved the way I talked to myself. If you have an issue with beating yourself up or telling yourself you should have done this or you have to do that this will give you the tools you need to change that negative self-talk and begin talking to yourself like a true friend. I already thought I was good to myself, but this book took that to a new level. I highly recommend it.”
—Online reviewer

“This is the type of book that people familiar or unfamiliar with Nonviolent Communication will enjoy. In fact, it’s a great way to learn about Nonviolent Communication in bite-size pieces, so that it is less overwhelming (especially for people who hate to study or take classes). My husband and I read a little bit each morning and discussed it, finding the focus very useful in starting out our day.”
—Online reviewer

“Mary Mackenzie’s book opened my eyes to the importance of changing the way I communicate with people so that I can truly connect with them. I am working on giving up my judgments and criticisms in favor of focusing on the underlying feelings and needs. This book introduced a process through which I can grow and change and improve my relationships. I highly recommend it!”
—Online reviewer

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