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Working With PuddleDancer Press

If you have either a completed Nonviolent Communication-based manuscript or book concept that you’d like PuddleDancer Press to consider publishing, please download and complete the Book Proposal Form below. Once complete, please submit by email to the contact person identified on the form. We will respond to your inquiry within 30 days of receipt of your book proposal. Please remember, we only publish NVC-related books and booklets. We do not currently publish non-NVC specific titles, audio or video materials, gift items (journals, calendars), games or other non-book forms of learning materials.


Given the economy and our current cash flow situation, PuddleDancer Press has significantly reduced the number of titles we will publish in the next few years. Unless we receive something exceptionally compelling, we have decided to delay publishing any additional titles for the immediate future. Given this, you may consider seeing if the Center for Nonviolent Communication would be interested in distributing your book if you self-publish. FYI: Here are a few good self-publishing resources: If after considering this you still believe you wish to go to the effort of submitting a proposal for your work, please:

Download Our Book Proposal Form (MS Word doc)