Nonviolent Communication™ Skills in Racism

“The best way I can get understanding from another person is to give this person the understanding, too. If I want them to hear my needs and feelings, I first need to empathize”

Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD.

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Theresa F. Latini: Practice Nonviolent Communication to identify, confront and transform aspects of racism

In 1943, a young Marshall Rosenberg hid in his apartment for days while race riots — fueled by job discrimination, housing segregation, police brutality and the KKK — erupted throughout Detroit.

Two decades later, in the midst of the civil rights movement, Rosenberg left his clinical psychology practice to teach organizations, communities and individual families — particularly those torn asunder by religious, racial-ethnic and class divides — how to connect with one another at the level of their common humanity.

Influenced by Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr., Rosenberg developed Nonviolent Communication (NVC), which can be understood as a spiritual practice, a set of communication skills and a model for transforming conflict. In recent decades, the Center for Nonviolent Communication has grown into an international peacemaking organization with certified trainers and practitioners throughout the world. Among its many applications, NVC provides practical pathways for identifying, confronting and transforming aspects of racism.

The insidiousness of racial microaggressions

Racism functions in part through biases, assumptions and stereotypes embedded in people and systems. Biases are our preferences for particular people or groups over against others; assumptions, our assertions accepted without evidence; and stereotypes, our widely held, oversimplified, static assessments of others…

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