The Basics of NVC

2 DVDs Runtime: 4 hours See a 10 minute sample See a 10 minute sample



Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph.D
This video series is from a one-day training led by Marshall B. Rosenberg.. In this training, Marshall shows
how we can use Nonviolent Communication to connect with others in a way that enables everyone’s
needs to be met. This connection is through what Marshall calls natural giving. This video series is a
wonderful introduction for beginners and will also be of value to those who wish to review the basics of
Nonviolent Communication.
Nonviolent Communication provides powerful tools for resolving differences at personal, professional, and
political levels. Dr. Rosenberg first created and began to offer Nonviolent Communication skills training to
peacefully integrate schools and other public institutions during the 1960s. Since then, Dr. Rosenberg and
his associates have introduced NVC in over thirty countries to educators, students, parents, managers,
mental health and health care providers, military officers, peace activists, lawyers and mediators,
prisoners, police and clergy, and more.
Total Video Runtime: 4 Hours

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