Nonviolent Communication™ and Hate Speech

“Never hear what somebody thinks about you, you’ll live longer. Hear that they’re in pain. Don’t hear their analysis.”

Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD.

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Nonviolent Communication and Hate Speech vs Freedom of Speech

Nonviolent Communication as a tool makes ”hate speech” extinct since the listener hear (with empathy and the will to understand) whats in the persons heart more then the words. With this communication we could enhance the freedom of speech. As I see it this could be more satisfying both for those who wants to abolish ”hate” and those who wish to maximize freedom of speech. Its not easy, but its doable.

As an example, X cross the road, and angry Y is running towards X yelling hateful things as in ”HEY YOU! You idiot look where you are going! That car almost hit you and you almost caused an accident you…”. The hate and insults go on for a while.

X feels intimidated and Y feels angry. If X knew NVC (or Y, but Y has already shown Y doesn’t know NVC) X would instead have heard ”HEY YOU! I feel afraid and upset because I just saw a car almost killing you and I love you as a fellow human being and would feel terrible if something happened to you or anyone else for that matter! Now I can’t gather my emotions so Im speaking in a tone of voice to you and hope you learn to watch yourself more carefully in the future and if you could tell me you got my message sincerely I will probably calm down and we could part with love!”.

In the first example it would be hard for the two individuals to feel a meaningful connection but in the second example (where X hear whats in Y’s heart, followed by X guessing what Y feels and needs) it is much more likely for Y to settle down and X to feel good feelings from that interaction. Same goes with ”toxic masculinity”, ”racist”, ”postmodern marxist agenda” and other loaded expressions that drives people more and more away from connecting and understanding each other.

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NVC and Hate Speech vs Freedom of Speech

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