Teaching Children Compassionately

How Students and Teachers Can Succeed with Mutual Understanding

By Marshall B. Rosenberg

This is a transcript from a MBR Workshop. 48 pages.

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A series of booklets that explain how to integrate the strategies of Nonviolent Communication into specific relationships and settings.
In this keynote address to a national conference of Montessori educators, Marshall Rosenberg describes his progressive, radical approach to teaching that centers on compassionate connection. Marshall describes the counterproductive role that power and punishment play in our schools, and challenges educators to motivate students instead “by a reverence for life.” This practical application of Rosenberg’s Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process offers educators the tools to create exceptional learning environments. This is an exceptional resource for teachers, school counselors, school administrators, child care providers and more! Nonviolent Communication will help you:- Maximize the individual potential of all students- Improve trust and connection in your classroom community- Strengthen student interest, retention and connection to their work- Find cooperation without using demands- Improve classroom teamwork, efficiency and results


Cover endorsement:

“Marshall’s unique message gives teachers easy steps for peaceful communication and a new way to work with children and parents.”
—Barbara Moffitt, executive director, National Center for Montessori Educators

Online Reviews:

“I’ll be incorporating these techniques in my classroom this year. What a great way to help children cope with school. Teaching kids these communication skills will serve them well throughout their lives.”
—Online reviewer

“Excellent resource for teachers who wish to engage students in a collaborative , mutual process of learning and communicating.”
—Online reviewer

“Very helpful concepts and examples. I wish all schools would provide training in Nonviolent Communication.”
—Online reviewer

“Every educational institution should have a copy.”
—Online reviewer

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