Being Me, Loving You

A Practical Guide to Extraordinary Relationships

By Marshall B. Rosenberg

This is a transcript from a MBR Workshop. 80 pages.

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A series of booklets that explain how to integrate the strategies of Nonviolent Communication into specific relationships and settings.
Many of us think of love as a strong emotion, a feeling we have for another person. Marshall Rosenberg’s helps us take a wholly different and life-enriching approach to love. Love is something you “do,” something you give freely from the heart. Using the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process, learn how to express yourself nakedly and honestly to your partner, friends, or family, for no other purpose than to reveal what’s present or alive in you. Discover what thousands of people around the world already know: A heart to heart connection strengthened by joyfully giving and receiving is the love you long to experience.Discover how to:- Free yourself from the burden of proving your love and requiring proof in return- Avoid doing anything out of guilt, resentment, shame or obligation – Learn to effectively express how you are and what you need.


Online Reviews:

“Practical for every situation, easy concepts to understand and use. When another’s needs are recognized and acknowledged first it takes the fight out of a situation. Empathy, a word worth knowing, let it be a part of your daily life and watch as situations change before your eyes. More than met my expectations.”
—Online reviewer

“This is a great tool for authentic, loving relationships. This book was my introduction to NVC [Nonviolent Communication] and it did a fantastic job of laying the groundwork for me. With multiple mid-length dialogue transcriptions bounded by very brief context setting, it matched my reading/learning style really well.”
—Online reviewer

“This book, like others of Rosenberg is about respect, so don’t let the title fool you. It has some valuable insights in understanding difficult people.”
—Online reviewer

“I would recommend this book to anyone who is having a problem communicating. If you are a person who feels misunderstood or find that you say one thing and people hear another. If you want to make your relationships healthy and positive read this book for help. Since reading it my communication skills are so much better as I am able express myself in a positive clear manner.”
—Online reviewer

“I read this book in a couple of hours. It has that quality to be a book that transforms and goes very deep into your soul. Few books have this capacity. Explores NVC [Nonviolent Communication] in relationships and for sure reading it can heal many relations. Must read!!!!!!
—Online reviewer

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