Giraffe Fuel For Life



Giraffe Fuel for Life
Marshall B Rosenberg, Ph.D.

Topics include: Gratitude exercises, the making of giraffe fuel, components of gratitude, reward and punishment, hearing people’s feelings and needs – not their thoughts, what stops us from celebrating life, and more.

This recording is from an International Intensive Training (IIT) in Nonviolent Communication led by Marshall B. Rosenberg, Ph. D.

  1. Giraffe fuel intro
  2. Gratitude feed back
  3. Gratitude as a reward
  4. Three components of Gratitude
  5. Seeing negative feedback as a gift
  6. We never do anything wrong
  7. We never know what’s right
  8. Gratitude exercise #1
  9. Gratitude exercise #2
  10. Gratitude exercise replies
  11. How can we celebrate life
  12. Gratitude for what’s alive in us
  13. Connecting through trauma
  14. Duty and obligation
  15. Don’t hear what people think
  16. Never let someone tell you…
  17. We always have choice
  18. Gratitude journal
  19. Journal pay off

Many thanks to all the Corona 2000 IIT participants, and especially those who did deep role play work and sent in release forms. Blessings to you all for this gift. Special thanks to Ike Lasater for his support, guidance, legal and administrative efforts. Also thanks to Kay Schwarzrock for her presence and website postings. Recorded at Corona, CA 2000 – Produced and edited by Eric Altshuler. Photo by Beth Banning.

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