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Handouts - Electronic Downloads

Please note that Handout contents are included with the exercises in the hardcopy Exercise Manual itself. For increased convenience, electronic PDF template downloads for copy-ready reproduction of the Handouts are available below.

To download, view and/or print the Handouts below, simply click on the link:
Key Concept 1: Intention
Key Concept 3: Communication that Blocks Connection
Key Concept 4: Four Choices in Receiving a Difficult Message
Key Concept 6: Feeling
Key Concept 7: Need
Key Concept 8: Request
Key Concept 9: Connection with Self
Key Concept 11: Empathy
Key Concept 13: Making Life Choiceful
Key Concept 14: Expressing and Receiving a “No”
Key Concept 15: Appreciation and Celebration
Key Concept 16: Anger
Key Concept 17: Mourning and Forgiveness