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“Taking the time to acknowledge and celebrate both individual and group accomplishments helps build group cohesion and increases individual satisfaction.”


Workplace Communication Tip -- Week 45

Remember to Celebrate!

Does the feedback you provide typically focus on the things you’d like to see change, and less on the things you really enjoy?

In the workplace, it’s just as important to provide observations of positive behavior that meets your needs. These celebrations can significantly enhance team dynamics and morale, while offering continued clarity about what’s working well.

Positive feedback can be communicated in much the same manner as you describe negative feedback. Start with a clear observation, absent of judgment, and link that behavior to the needs of yours that were met.

For instance instead of “you did a really great job on that proposal.” You might say, “I’m really excited by the volume of background research and supporting information you included in your proposal. I know how important this level of detail is to this particular client, and your work will make our job of pitching our services in person so much easier.”


Mindful Practice for the Week

In the week ahead, watch for opportunities to provide positive feedback to celebrate a job well done in observation and needs language. Notice how the message affects the recipient.


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