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01.What's Making You Angry? eBook
02.We Can Work It Out eBook
03.The Surprising Purpose of Anger eBook
04.Being Me, Loving You eBook
05.Getting Past the Pain Between Us eBook
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Anger, Guilt, and Shame eBook
An outstanding book full of insight, beautifully written and thoroughly researched. I think this will be a valuable read for anyone interested in NVC ..
5 of 5 Stars!
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NVC eBooklets

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 Being Me, Loving You eBook     Being Me, Loving You eBook 
In these pages, Dr. Rosenberg helps us learn how to give and accept love willingly, without guilt or obligation. See relationships strengthen as you learn to think of love as something you "do," a way of giving freely from the heart. (Kindle, PDF & EPUB) 

List Price: $6.95
Your Price: $4.95
 Getting Past the Pain Between Us eBook     Getting Past the Pain Between Us eBook 
Behind all emotional pain and internal conflict are unmet needs. Here are simple steps to create the heartfelt presence necessary for lasting healing to occur -- an effective tool for mediators, counselors, families and couples. (Kindle, PDF & EPUB) 

List Price: $8.95
Your Price: $4.95
 Graduating From Guilt eBook     Graduating From Guilt eBook 
The burden of guilt leaves us stuck, stressed, and feeling like we can never measure up. Through a proven six-step process, this book helps liberate you from the toxic guilt, blame and shame you carry. (Kindle, PDF & EPUB) 

List Price: $9.95
Your Price: $5.95
 The Heart of Social Change eBook     The Heart of Social Change eBook 
In this important booklet, Marshall Rosenberg outlines his modern theory of social change and restorative justice. Learn how creating an internal consciousness of compassion is a first and important step for effective social change. (Kindle, PDF & EPUB) 

List Price: $6.95
Your Price: $4.95
 Humanizing Health Care eBook     Humanizing Health Care eBook 
In this engaging book, Melanie Sears, RN, MBA leverages more than 25 years nursing experience to demonstrate the profound effectiveness of NVC to create lasting, positive improvements to patient care and the health care workplace. (Kindle, PDF & EPUB) 

List Price: $9.95
Your Price: $5.95
 Parenting From Your Heart eBook     Parenting From Your Heart eBook 
In this packed and practical booklet, learn to transform your parenting to promote peace for generations to come. Filled with insight and practical skills to nurture your connection with the children in your life. (Kindle, PDF & EPUB) 

List Price: $8.95
Your Price: $4.95
 Practical Spirituality eBook     Practical Spirituality eBook 
These reflections on the spiritual basis of NVC will inspire you not only to connect with the Divine in yourself and others, but to create a world of empathy and compassion where the language we use is the key to enriching life. (Kindle, PDF & EPUB) 

List Price: $8.95
Your Price: $3.95
 Raising Children Compassionately eBook     Raising Children Compassionately eBook 
While other parenting resources offer communication or discipline techniques, Rosenberg stresses the importance of compassionate connection. Learn to create a mutually respectful family dynamic filled with heartfelt communication. (Kindle, PDF & EPUB) 

List Price: $6.95
Your Price: $3.95
 Relationships eBook     Relationships eBook 
This booklet will help you evaluate, repair, and nurture the relationships that you want to see flower. Learn how to define the relationship you want and then what to do to get it. (Kindle, PDF & EPUB) 

List Price: $14.99
Your Price: $11.95
 The Surprising Purpose of Anger eBook     The Surprising Purpose of Anger eBook 
Rather than managing your anger by suppressing your feelings or blasting someone with your judgments, Rosenberg shows you how to use anger to discover what you need, and then how to meet your needs in constructive ways. (Kindle, PDF & EPUB) 

List Price: $8.95
Your Price: $4.95
 Teaching Children Compassionately eBook     Teaching Children Compassionately eBook 
In this keynote address to a national conference of Montessori educators, Marshall Rosenberg describes his progressive, radical approach to teaching that centers on compassionate connection. (Kindle, PDF & EPUB) 

List Price: $6.95
Your Price: $4.95
 We Can Work It Out eBook     We Can Work It Out eBook 
Learn to inspire genuine cooperation by focusing on the unmet needs behind conflicts. Whether you're a mediator or wish to resolve conflict with your spouse, child, or colleague, find practical skills to get to the heart of any issue. (Kindle, PDF & EPUB) 

List Price: $7.95
Your Price: $3.95
 What's Making You Angry? eBook     What's Making You Angry? eBook 
A a powerful, step-by-step conflict management approach to re-focus your attention when you're angry and create healthy outcomes that are satisfying for everyone involved. (Kindle, PDF & EPUB) 

List Price: $5.95
Your Price: $3.95
Displaying 1 to 13 (of 13 products) Result Pages:  1