The Surprising Purpose of Anger

Beyond Anger Management: Finding the Gift.

By Marshall B. Rosenberg

This is a transcript from a MBR Workshop. 48 pages.

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A series of booklets that explain how to integrate the strategies of Nonviolent Communication into specific relationships and settings
You can feel it when it hits you. Your face flushes and your vision narrows. Your heartbeat increases as judgmental thoughts flood your mind. Your anger has been triggered, and you’re about to say or do something that will likely make it worse. You have an alternative. By practicing the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process you can use that anger to serve a specific, life-enriching purpose. It tells you that you’re disconnected from what you value and that your needs are not being met. Rather than managing your anger by suppressing your feelings or blasting someone with your judgments, Marshall Rosenberg shows you how to use anger to discover what you need, and then how to meet your needs in constructive ways. This booklet will help you apply these four key truths:- People or events may spark your anger but your own judgments are its cause- Judging others as “wrong” prevents you from connecting with your unmet needs- Getting clear about your needs helps you identify solutions satisfying to everyone- Creating strategies focused on meeting your needs transforms anger into positive actions


Online Reviews:

“The one thing that has been holding me back the most from finding my Zen, is my anger. This was an extremely mind opening way to consider the root of anger. It has been impossible and makes me feel horrible thinking that anger was unnatural and repressible. It’s about slowing down and getting in touch with our deepest emotions. I’ve felt so angry with this unfair world and life, but this has given me hope that there is more than just being angry all the time.”
—Online reviewer

“This book deserves five stars because its outcome will change my approach to communicating my thoughts, differences, etc. Further, compassion is critical for the utmost nonviolent direct action and other social change methods. The reading is essential for anyone who is angry enough to community organize and wants to increase their communication skills so that interpersonal dialogue reflects the values for which you fight for social change.”
—Online reviewer

“This book really give some powerful tools of dealing with anger; the most valuable insight I got from it is that the anger is hiding a treasure: your unmet needs , focusing on them will increase the chances they’re fulfilled, while taking others responsible of your anger will first leave you powerless and, worst, your needs will remain unmet.”
—Online reviewer

“I am going to try to use this method in my own relationship and life. . . . thought I’d read just about everything on how to deal with anger, but this approach presented new ideas. . . .”
—Online reviewer

“This book is worth its weight in gold. Marshall Rosenberg gives easy to understand guidelines for working with the basic energy of anger in order to develop the skill to liberate oneself in relationship with another who otherwise might be perceived as an enemy. Everyone benefits.”
—Online reviewer

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