Eat by Choice, Not by Habit

Practical Skills for Creating a Healthy Relationship With Your Body and Food

By Sylvia Haskvitz

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Eat less and enjoy more by recognizing the real needs behind nourishment.
Combining sound dietary information with the techniques of the Nonviolent Communication (NVC) process, this booklet shifts the focus from simple weight loss to changing the ways readers relate to food and their food choices. Eating is a need, but for those caught in cycles of over-consumption and dieting, it’s often a poor attempt to meet other needs, such as emotional fulfillment. When reconnected to actual needs, however, consumption habits turn into nutritional choices, signaling greater freedom. Find practical strategies to break out of unhealthy eating cycles by becoming aware of your needs. Rather than a proscriptive fad diet, readers learn to dig deeper to the emotional consciousness that underlies our eating patterns. Learn to enjoy the tastes, smells and sensations of healthful eating once again.


Cover endorsements:

“How brilliant—combining compassionate communication with food and eating. Eat by Choice, Not by Habit is a winner. Brilliant!”
— Christiane Northrup, MD, author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom, and The Wisdom of Menopause

“Eat by Choice, Not by Habit combines the author’s humor, deep compassion for others, and knowledge about food in a way that makes me eager to follow her lead toward healthy eating—and more importantly, toward a healthy attitude about eating. She aptly teaches us all to frame our food ‘issues’ in a language that is both liberating and comforting.”
— Judith Hanson Lasater, PhD, physical therapist and author of A Year of Living Your Yoga, Yoga Abs, Yoga for Pregnancy, 30 Essential Yoga Poses, Living Your Yoga, and Relax and Renew

“Change in the body must start with change in thought. If you have been unable to eat smart, despite repeated attempts, this is the book you have been waiting for.”
— Linda Prout, nutritionist and author of Live in the Balance

Online Reviews:

“The author uses the principles of Nonviolent Communication. NVC teaches you how to become more aware of your needs when you communicate; this book shows you how becoming aware of your needs before and after eating gives you more choices, and more of a chance to meet those needs. It teaches you gentler and more compassionate ways of treating yourself when you have a problem with emotional overeating.”
—Online reviewer

“This is by far one of the most helpful books on eating I’ve ever read. Thank you Sylvia Haskvitz. What a delight and so refreshing to read such clear insight. I often reach for the ‘feelings’ behind why I want to eat/binge (and that can just make me feel more of whatever I’m feeling), but never thought so clearly (until now) about asking myself what ‘need’ is posing as hunger. Awesome book. Very quick read. Great resources too!”
—Online reviewer

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