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Common Questions for PuddleDancer Press

Listed below is a compilation of common questions we receive from authors, publishers, booksellers, NVC organizations and trainers, and others who are simply interested in what we do. If you do not find your question listed here, please submit it to us using our Feedback Form.

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Questions About Publishing Your Work With Us

Questions About Foreign Rights

Questions About Purchasing our NVC Titles

Questions About Promotion/Marketing

Questions About Publishing Your Work With Us

Q: What type of materials does PuddleDancer Press publish?
A:  In an effort to focus on our distinctive competencies, we only publish books, workbooks, booklets, and e-books based on the Nonviolent Communication process as developed by Marshall Rosenberg. We do not publish audio and visual learning materials, games, card decks, or other non-book learning materials.

Q: How many titles do you publish each year?
A: Due to limited resources, we’ve made a strategic decision to publish only one or two new NVC titles each year.

Q: What titles or topic areas do you have in process or do you plan to publish?
A: We do our best to select manuscripts for publication that have as large a potential market as possible, and for which there are not learning materials already available. On occasion, we also choose to re-publish a book in the United States that has done quite well in another language or country.

Q: How do I submit a manuscript or an idea I have for an NVC related title?
A: If you have either a completed manuscript or a book concept that you’d like us to consider publishing, we ask that you complete our online Book Proposal Form. We typically respond to proposal inquiries within 30 days of receipt of your completed form.

Q: What support do you provide to market/promote the titles you publish? 
A: Like all small press publishers, the successful promotion — and corresponding sales — of our titles relies on creating a partnership relationship with our authors. The publishing industry is extremely competitive, and promotion of our titles is no exception. During our author agreement negotiation phase, we provide authors with a detailed list of the specific strategies we will use to promote their title, and suggestions for the authors to engage in self-promotion to supplement this investment. We typically employ a combination of traditional and non-traditional book marketing strategies aimed at reaching both customers within the NVC network and among the general public. 

Questions About Foreign Rights

Q: What languages and/or countries are your titles available in?
A: Marshall Rosenberg’s bestselling book, Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life is currently available in more than 20 different languages.

Q: How are translations reviewed for accuracy to Nonviolent Communication principles? A: We have an agreement with CNVC, Dr. Rosenberg, and our other authors to require an NVC translation review of every title that is published in a foreign language. After a well-qualified person has been identified to perform the review that person agrees to adhere to the guidelines found in the: Official_NVC_Translation_Reviewer_Guidelines.pdf. If you wish to volunteer to act as an official NVC Translation Reviewer, please send us a message using our Contact Us form.

Questions About Purchasing our NVC Titles

Q: Where can I purchase your NVC titles?
A: You can purchase any of our NVC titles at 20%-50% off list price daily from the Shop NVC store on our web site. Our titles can also e purchased from your favorite neighborhood or online bookstore, including Each of our titles can also be purchased from the Center for Nonviolent Communication.

Q: Where can I purchase other NVC related learning materials?
A: The Center for Nonviolent Communication carries a wide range of print, audio, video, and CD versions of Nonviolent Communication related materials, including all of our titles. To make a purchase through CNVC call them at the number listed on their website.

Q: Where do I request a review copy of your titles?
A: If you are an instructor or university faculty, you may request a review copy of any of our titles by completing our Educator Review Copy Request Form.

If you are the media, you can request a review copy of any of our titles by completing our Media Review Copy Request Form.

Q: How do I purchase your NVC titles at wholesale or reduced prices?
A: Wholesale and quantity discount purchases can be made through our distributor Independent Publishers Group by calling 1-800-888-4741 and asking to speak to the sales department. If you are an NVC supporter and you wish to use these materials in relation to NVC events, you may also be able to get discounts from the Center for Nonviolent Communication by calling the number listed on their website.

Questions About Promotion/Marketing

Q: How many copies of your titles have been sold so far?
A: Our bestselling book, Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Life by Marshall Rosenberg, has sold over 7,000,000 copies in more than 35 languages around the world. We have sold over 300,000 copies of our other titles, many of which have been translated into other languages

Q: Are your authors available for appearances or interviews?
A: Several of our authors are available for appearances, interviews, workshops, presentations, and customized training programs. If you wold like to schedule an interview with any of our other authors, please complete the inquiry form here.
Author Interview Request Form

Dr. Rosenberg passed away on Feb. 7, 2015.

However, our other authors may be able to provide the support you request. Many of these authors have worked with Dr. Rosenberg for decades and can provide their perspective on NVC and its use in specific areas of application.

If you wold like to schedule an interview with any of our other authors, please complete the inquiry form here.
Author Interview Request Form

Q: What are you doing to promote Marshall Rosenberg’s work and Nonviolent Communication?
A: Every year, PuddleDancer Press invests a portion of its income into the strategic promotion of Nonviolent Communication and Marshall Rosenberg, with particular emphasis placed on promotion within the United States. Our goal is to bring these life-changing skills into mainstream public, and we employ a variety of strategies to reach this goal every day.