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Inspire others to Watch Marshall Rosenberg’s Video on YouTube

Marshall Rosenberg's 10-minute video produced by Jim Lemkin is now live on YouTube. Let's tap the potential of this social marketing network by taking the simple steps below. By taking these steps you will help improve the ranking of the video, potentially exposing it — and this vital work — to tens of thousands of people.

Take just a few minutes right now to take these simple steps:

  1. Click here to view Jim Lemkin's interview with Dr. Marshall Rosenberg on YouTube now
  2. Post a text comment in response to the video. The most responses that are posted, the more we can positively impact the ranking of this video in YouTube keyword searches. The higher it's ranking, the more people who will see it!
  3. Help us go viral — Email the video to a friend, colleague, family member, or community leader. Just below the video window, click on "more share options" — more options for sharing the video will then appear, including the ability to post the video on your own Twitter, FaceBook, and MySpace account, and to email a link for the video to those you know.
  4. Add the video to your favorites.

Thanks for taking the time to support this campaign!


Marshall Rosenberg


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